Monday, February 6, 2017

These People Are Great


24 Comical Photos of Lax Health Safety!


In life, you'll find people that are willing to do anything to achieve their ends, up to and including putting themselves in mortal danger. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean we can't stand by and laugh at their sheer stupidity! Take a look at the comical disregard for health and safety in every single one of these pictures:


Yep. Just collect something from the trunk while your car burns.


He's just a young boy, with his whole life ahead of him!


Giving a whole new meaning to "swinging on a pole".


I couldn't have found a better selfie spot myself.


The first rule of handling electricity is...?


Oh yeah, just keep on standing there. The sea's calm today.


A novel way of having a nap while on the move.


Overexposure is the understatement of the century.


Kids, heights, electrical devices. Nah, nothing can go wrong...


Nope. No risk of breaking your back whatsoever.


What happens if he loses his balance?


The Mediterranean method for fixing air conditioning units.


Balancing on a power cable, hanging on to metal bars. Wait - what is he even doing?


Such a cool dude! Until he lands on his head that is...


Consider what would happen if the driver performed an emergency brake.


"Ah, what the hell? We'll finish our round before leaving!"


When he lost his job at the Cirque du Soleil, he went into construction.


Why? Just... why?


She got hired to clean the Freedom Tower after this pic went viral.


"Ey! My car needed some new tires ah! What can I do?"


This moving company has a stellar health safety record...


I'm at a loss for words trying to write a caption for this.


This iceberg looks so sturdy, doesn't it?