Friday, March 31, 2017

Flying Squirrels In Winter


Adorable Pics To Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day

If you think that all squirrels do all day is bury nuts, think again. Squirrels are far more complex creatures. They enjoy painting, playing Jenga, as well as sniffing flowers, or sipping hot tea with a nice view.
On Squirrel Appreciation Day and Bored Panda couldn't miss the opportunity to get a sneak peak into the whimsical every day life of our furry friends. So we compiled a nutty list of squirrels for you to choose the nuttiest ones! Did you spot one yourself? Upload your photos to the list!


#1 Siberian Flying Squirrel In Winter


#2 Squirrels


#3 Thirsty


#4 Squirrel Trying To Catch Peanut


#5 A Squirrel Stuck In A Manhole Cover On A Street In Isernhagen, Germany. The Squirrel Had To Be Rescued By The Police


#6 Kiss


#7 Winter Photosession


#8 Squirrel Mom With The Baby


#9 The Orphaned Baby Sri Lankan Palm Squirrel So Tiny In My Palm


#10 The Little Ground Squirrel Had Probably Eaten Too Much And Stayed In His Cave Entrance Stuck


#11 Snow


#12 Sleeping Baby Squirrels


#13 Having A Nice Drink Of Condensation From The Window


#14 Hallelujah!


#15 Drinking Water


#16 Hide And Seek


#17 Squirrels In Love


#18 Rob The Baby Palm Squirrel


#19 Taxi!


#20 Hold On, We Are Moving!